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Snakeheads, Channa, Frankenfish, monster fish
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Snakeheads are a group if fishes that has gotten a lot of attention lately due to the fact they have been found living in some waters in the US and primarily in Maryland. Snakeheads are very predatory fishes that easily can eat prey that are larger then half the size of the snakehead. Many fear that snakeheads can cause massive damages to the natural eco system. This led to that it in 2003 became prohibited to import snakehead species to the US. But live fish can still be found in fish stores and in Asian food markets.

Snakeheads are originally from South East Asia and Africa and are appreciated food fishes in those areas. The largest species can grow to one yard (almost one meter) in length. Snakeheads uses something called a labyrinth to be able to breed air which allows them to survive in water with very low oxygen levels as well as on land for longer periods of time. Snakeheads can walk on land to find new waters to live and feed in. Snakeheads that are prevented from surfacing will drown.

Many aquarium fish keepers are displeased with the decision to ban snakeheads which they think is premature and a result of politicians acting on terror propaganda from the media rather then the truth. They support this claim by truthfully stating that snakeheads can't survive in most areas of the US due to the fact that they need warm water and that ice would prevent them from surfacing to breed which makes a national ban unnecessary. They want to be able to keep these very interesting fishes.

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